Thursday, February 26, 2015

End of hiatus

Hi all,

Life has shelled its ups and downs to us. So I took a small hiatus to get myself on the right path. So I was down. But we are not defeated!

2015 is the year of change!!!! So as life dishes it's life issues, we are riding the waves of change with faith.

I've started a bible plan called the One Word! In the plan, it asks you to meditate and ask God to reveal to you the word He wants you to follow for the year.  I did as the plan asks and the word for me this year is CHANGE!!!  Change is my fear word, even though I can flow with change, it makes me so uneasy.  Since the revelation, I have been walking actively in faith and embracing it.

So our journey takes us on new steps, moving to a new state and beseeching God for answers as we follow where he is taking us.

And we continue to follow the way, we praise Him in advance for all that He is doing in our lives.

Stay blessed.

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