Monday, September 15, 2014

9/15 Inspiration

Good morning, sometimes you feel that you've lost your connection with God, with people. 

But once you are saved the connection is always there with God. 

That feeling is a trick of the enemy to get you off the path of righteousness. 

People are different. 

They will change on you but if you truly care, stay the course, stay actively pursuing being in their lives. 

They will either turn away from you or will rebuild their relationship with you. 

Many attacks of the mind come from us not saying how we feel. 

Say it. Say God I feel distant from you, I want to be closer to you, please keep me in your care and draw me near to you. 

Say it. Say (insert name), I feel that our relationship has become distant and I want to correct it before we are no longer anything to each other. 

Changes will come. The only constant is change but sometimes we have to be the catalyst for change. 

I love you immensely. Now, always, and forever. Have a great day

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