Monday, November 3, 2014

Daily Reminders

Good evening,

So daily I read devotionals, and read scripture... that's the normal Christian woman reading...

But I get daily reminders from my kids about God's presence and His love.  From my youngest (4) to my eldest (11).

They remind me that what I tell them and what they learn in Sunday school is actually sinking in.  God is a vibrant part of their lives and I like it so much, (this coming from the mom who feels she fails her kids every day).

Just this Sunday, my 4 year old, bursts into dance singing Tye Tribbett's "If He Did it Before... He Can Do it Again..."  It was quite enlightening knowing that they love God as much, if not more, than I do.

They also love The Walls Group and will sing "Perfect People" without provocation.
Some days, you sit back and just listen to them and they will surprise you.

Also on Sunday, I learned that some girls in Sunday school class called my son gay.  I was taken aback by this because these kids were in Sunday school.  But I had to remind myself and my son that everyone does not have the same mind when going to church and to just forgive them and remember no one is perfect.  But how do you address that???  Sexual orientation is not a topic for Sunday school, nor is it funny to bully a person about it.  Wow!!!!

Well, I love you.

Now, Always and Forever!!!!

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