Monday, March 23, 2015

Discouragement, not so...

Good evening,

Here lately, we are still in the process of getting settled, yet in the process we have lost a family member and a childhood friend.

Here lately, it seems so easy to be overwhelmed with discouragement and depression. 

But the Holy Spirit told me not so!!!!

I empathize for the loss we have just experienced, but I cannot be stuck bogged down with depression because of it!

It seems like we get so caught up in the loss, that we forget to remember the life and legacy the loved ones lived and left for us to continue. We get so discouraged with everything that follows the loss that we lose sight of all the great and wonderful treasures we still have on Earth!

I am still trying to walk daily and remain positive, yet my head is high! I know God loves us, ALWAYS!!!!

The funniest thing happened, as I was thinking of this post, I opened my daily devotional/bible study app and the same wording (not exactly but close) appeared. We have daily trials! We lose people, things, emotions. Yet, we cannot let that discourage us to the point where we lose our faith! 

Our faith my be rocked but it is not destroyed! Cast down, but not discarded. We are a holy nation! 

So I am convinced to maintain my prayer life and continue on this journey called life! I hope you do too!

Stay blessed!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hello all,

So we have moved from our home back to my home state. It has been more of a test for me than I thought it would be.

I've always tried to be prepared when it comes to my children and this week has shown me that I need to ask more detailed questions when my children are involved so I don't get frustrated and angry.

My patience was tested when it came into registering my children into new schools... BOY... was I the angry mom that no one likes, and I had justified anger but anger is not the emotion I should have led with! Anger can lead to sin.

God always shows me I have more patience than I give myself credit for, though I, personally, don't see how I even have patience. I have a lot of flaws, a short temper is one of the biggest ones!

Yet, through my continued interactions with people, I saw that though anger was justified, patience was the way to go in my situation! Thank God for the people He sent my way to calm me and show me that my patience outweighed my anger!!!

Granted, what should have only taken one day took three, I believe that had I used patience instead of anger, I may have gotten it all done in one even two days!

So I'm still walking with my head up in faith. Hoping God will continue to speak to me and I will follow His ways always! 

Until next time, stay blessed!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Simply listen...

We are in the process of moving. And lately every small thing has been getting to me: mentally , physically, emotionally & spiritually.

I finally asked God, what do you want me to do?

The answer was so weird to me... Just "listen"

That still soft voice, told me to listen. For my loud self, it's not easy, but I have and the journey has opened up some doors for me.

We sadly had to take our babies (pitbull and Pomeranian) to the Humane Society, and my kids cried like I was murdering them. Parts of me hurt so much, but I didn't cry, I listened...

In those moments, I heard how the pain I was experiencing with losing my dogs was exponential on my children and I empathized with them.

I listened to the lady as she explained the process and eased my apprehension a little but not really.

I listened to my pets, they were not afraid and I was saddened but eased at what was to be.

Most recently, a few minutes ago in fact, I had a mostly positive experience with a hair dresser in which she quoted me one price but then gave me another price after she finished my hair...

I was extremely upset especially since I already has a migraine, but I listened...

That small voice said just pay it, and I did...

I got some medicine for my headache and some food, and I saw the smiles on my daughters faces as they each got new hair styles for their final week in the peach state!

So it's been a test, 2015 a year of change, and for me to listen...

I praise God for the insight! Stay blessed

Thursday, February 26, 2015

End of hiatus

Hi all,

Life has shelled its ups and downs to us. So I took a small hiatus to get myself on the right path. So I was down. But we are not defeated!

2015 is the year of change!!!! So as life dishes it's life issues, we are riding the waves of change with faith.

I've started a bible plan called the One Word! In the plan, it asks you to meditate and ask God to reveal to you the word He wants you to follow for the year.  I did as the plan asks and the word for me this year is CHANGE!!!  Change is my fear word, even though I can flow with change, it makes me so uneasy.  Since the revelation, I have been walking actively in faith and embracing it.

So our journey takes us on new steps, moving to a new state and beseeching God for answers as we follow where he is taking us.

And we continue to follow the way, we praise Him in advance for all that He is doing in our lives.

Stay blessed.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Daily Reminders

Good evening,

So daily I read devotionals, and read scripture... that's the normal Christian woman reading...

But I get daily reminders from my kids about God's presence and His love.  From my youngest (4) to my eldest (11).

They remind me that what I tell them and what they learn in Sunday school is actually sinking in.  God is a vibrant part of their lives and I like it so much, (this coming from the mom who feels she fails her kids every day).

Just this Sunday, my 4 year old, bursts into dance singing Tye Tribbett's "If He Did it Before... He Can Do it Again..."  It was quite enlightening knowing that they love God as much, if not more, than I do.

They also love The Walls Group and will sing "Perfect People" without provocation.
Some days, you sit back and just listen to them and they will surprise you.

Also on Sunday, I learned that some girls in Sunday school class called my son gay.  I was taken aback by this because these kids were in Sunday school.  But I had to remind myself and my son that everyone does not have the same mind when going to church and to just forgive them and remember no one is perfect.  But how do you address that???  Sexual orientation is not a topic for Sunday school, nor is it funny to bully a person about it.  Wow!!!!

Well, I love you.

Now, Always and Forever!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Sorry about the hiatus.

Been going through a lot of individual battles while weathering my storm.  

I noticed that the more I stayed distracted by the battles, I stopped moving through the storm and I keep feeling bogged down and flooded.

God says not so!!!!

So I stepped back, watched each battle as they came, whoooo don't get me wrong, I was having a time, wailing, crying, getting mad, frustrated, pity party, then happy,joyful, and thankful.

And that's what saved me, thankfulness.

Expressing thankfulness even when I was overwhelmed with everything that was, is and will happen in my life and the lives of my children.

I realized that the minor issues only pop up as distractions to get you to stop moving out of the storm and into your blessing.

So I do hope my test will inspire you to never stop moving... never give up and always trust God.

Love you now, always, and forever...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

10/2 Inspiration

Good morning. 

Some days you definitely have to motivate/encourage yourself. 

On those days, reach out to some one else and encourage them you never know how much turn around you will receive. 

I love you. Stay motivated.