Monday, March 23, 2015

Discouragement, not so...

Good evening,

Here lately, we are still in the process of getting settled, yet in the process we have lost a family member and a childhood friend.

Here lately, it seems so easy to be overwhelmed with discouragement and depression. 

But the Holy Spirit told me not so!!!!

I empathize for the loss we have just experienced, but I cannot be stuck bogged down with depression because of it!

It seems like we get so caught up in the loss, that we forget to remember the life and legacy the loved ones lived and left for us to continue. We get so discouraged with everything that follows the loss that we lose sight of all the great and wonderful treasures we still have on Earth!

I am still trying to walk daily and remain positive, yet my head is high! I know God loves us, ALWAYS!!!!

The funniest thing happened, as I was thinking of this post, I opened my daily devotional/bible study app and the same wording (not exactly but close) appeared. We have daily trials! We lose people, things, emotions. Yet, we cannot let that discourage us to the point where we lose our faith! 

Our faith my be rocked but it is not destroyed! Cast down, but not discarded. We are a holy nation! 

So I am convinced to maintain my prayer life and continue on this journey called life! I hope you do too!

Stay blessed!

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