Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9/24 Inspiration

Good morning. 

To some this message is on repeat: 

Besides the storm is not the true test, how you react to the storm is. 

You have a lot I things happening on repeat because you won't listen to what God wants you to do. 

You are NOT anyone's doormat so stop acting like it. 

You are NOT anyone's revolving ATM so stop acting like it. 

You are blessed and highly favored. 

Act like it. 

You have done above and beyond what you were supposed to do. 

Turn the guilt trip off, turn the financial support off, move out and move on. 

It's time to live your life for you. 

You are NOT responsible for anyone's mess but your own. 

God will turn your mess into a message but first you have to get out of the darkness and move. 

Your story is bigger than what you think it is. 

You have to now walk in your God filled purpose. 

And it will be hard, but it's time to cut people off and keep moving. 

Forgiveness is the key. 

Forgive them, forgive yourself and unlock your spirit filled life. 

You may not be perfect but you are YOU and that's what God wants for you. 

Be who YOU are supposed to be, not who others want you to be. 

I love you very much!!!! 

Stay encouraged. Have a great day

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